9 reasons why choose huaxin water fountain
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Why HUAXIN Water Fountains ?

9 reasons why you should choose huaxin

1. MADE IN CHINA since 2002 – more than 17 years of experience.

2. INNOVATION PHILOSOPHY in research & development and fabrication of high quality fountain equipment.

3. PARTNERSHIP & COOPERATION with local partners and their customers ensures full support over the complete life cycle of each fountain project from conceptual design to after sales service.

4. CUSTOMER SUPPORT –together with our skilled engineers and employees we provide the support that will help you get the results you need.

5. STRENGTH BACKGROUND to realize large scale projects.

6. ALL FROM ONE SINGLE TEAM – complete scope of work in the industry. HUAXIN offers a comprehensive package of products, systems and services tailored to your requirements.

7. PROGRAMMABLE CONTROL SYSTEM / fault rate reduction and problem anticipation through DMX-RDM based remote trouble shooting as an intrinsic feature realized in our up-to-date control system mechanism.

8. PRICE/AFTER SALE SERVICE ADVANTAGE – sustainable and cost saving design of fountain structures with focus not only on spectacular shows but also on low maintenance and operational costs.

9. ABOUT SPECIAL DEMAND- technical & designed feasibility suggestions, water features customization and development of new water landscapes.

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