Floor Water Fountain

  • Direct Injection Nozzle Floor Water Fountain

    Direct injection nozzle floor water fountain The Direct jet floor fountain usually use one kind of adjustable fountain nozzle, them are fixed on water pipe at first, but only spray one direction. After them upgraded, install solenoid valve on each fountain nozzle, it also...
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  • Garden Park Floor Water Fountain for Fun

    Garden park floor water fountain for fun In backyard and garden, normal sculpture garden fountain, park fountain and simple pool fountain cannot meet people’ need. People are tired of cleaning pool, so engineers design a small garden floor dry fountain for them. The pool, the...
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  • Large Dry Floor Musical Water Fountain

    Large dry floor musical water fountain The dry fountain (The dry fountain is the fountain built underground. All fountain equipment are fixed in the water grooves which digged underground.The top of the grooves will be covered by stainless steel gratings. When the fountain is...
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  • Shopping Mall Decorative Dry Floor Water Fountain

    Shopping mall decorative dry floor water fountain The dry fountain, also known as the dry, land fountain and the floor fountain, is referred to as the dry spray. It means placing the fountain facility underground, with the sprinklers and lights placed below the mesh cover....
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