Digital Water Fountain

  • Water Screen Movie Water Fountain

    Water Screen Movie Water Fountain Water Screen Movie Fountain is that through high-pressure water pump and a special water curtain generator, the water comes from bottom to top, high-speed spraying, atomized to form a fan-shaped "screen", and then video projection...
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  • Musical Water Fountain with RGB Laser Light Show

    Musical water fountain with RGB laser light 15W color landmark laser light features: using the best quality semiconductor solid-state laser in China as the light source; most advanced laser show control system - American Pangolin control box and software; use analog...
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  • Programmable Musical Digital Waterfall Water Fountain for Sale

    Programmable musical digital waterfall water fountain for sale Digital control waterfall water flow comes from thousands of small sprinkler head, sprinkler head through the computer control sensor switch and rapid fire, waterfall such as water screen display screen, image and...
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  • Music Dancing Water Fountain with LED Light

    Music Dancing Water Fountain with LED Light Musical Fountain is an artificial fountain and a new kind of architectural fountain combined fountain itself with music and light through contemporary control technology. Our musical fountain underwater lights are programmable, and...
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