Basic composition of the fountain pool
Feb 06, 2019

The basic components of the pool include auxiliary pipes for water supply pipes, overflow pipes, water collection pits, vent pipes, cable Threading pipes, grounding networks, etc.

The bottom plate of the pool is made of reinforced concrete. Since the water depth of the pool generally does not exceed 1.0M, the pool wall can be made of brick, and the large pool can also be made of reinforced concrete. It is required that the pool wall and the bottom of the pool do not leak water.

Water supply and make-up water pipes: used to supply water to the pool and to supply makeup water during operation. Urban tap water, surface water, and groundwater can be used as water supply and supply water sources, and ground rain water can also be collected as make-up water.

Overflow tube: Keep the water level of the pool constant. The overflowing water can be discharged into the city sewer or nearby water bodies.

Venting pipe: When the pool, pipe network system, equipment needs to be repaired or cleaned, use the venting pipe to empty the pool water.

pool map


2-Water supply pipe

3-Spill pipe

4-Circulating water pump

5-Vent pipe

6-Cable pipe

7-Grounding network

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