Does dry fountain and water fountain can in one?
Feb 04, 2019

So many water features, someone like dry fountain, think it has a lot of fun, safe and convenience to passing by, someone like water fountain, think it increase in wetness more.So dose dry fountain and water fountain can in one?

For artificial fountain, there are 3 kinds of 'pool'.

1.Water 'Pool'

water features

2. Dry 'pool'

The pool of the dry spray fountain is a groundwater tank, fountain nozzle spray through hole on floor or spray through deck.

dry fontains

3. Dry and water 'pool'

The flood pond is a product that combines the pool and the dry pond in the same pool body, and it has both characteristics.

The typical water and dry pond is the fountain pool in front of the Beijing Exhibition Hall. There are 16 lotus ponds integrated into the outer circle. According to the design requirements, the lotus pond requires a layer of water with a thickness of 10cm. There is a spring effect when spraying water. On the other hand, people can use it for water. The inner circle of the lotus pond is a luxuriously decorated dry pool fountain.

In order to realize the function of the lotus pond, the designer adopted the following measures:

1) Set an overflow at 10 from the bottom of the lotus pond.

2) Specially designed special nozzles with water return function,

3) Use a 0-pressure solenoid valve as the drain valve of the lotus pond to drain water.

When the water supply pump is started, the lotus pond is filled with water, and after the specified water level, it automatically overflows, and the fountain starts to achieve the spring effect. The solenoid valve has a dry pool effect after draining water.

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