Software related to music fountain
Dec 12, 2018

Using the physical waveform of the music file, it is divided into several segments, with an accuracy of 10 milliseconds, and automatically recognizes the basic emotional characteristics of shock, missing, lyrical, joyful, impassioned, sad, cheerful, warm and other music, converted to a control signal, after synchronous processing through the signal output card output to the peripheral specific control unit,

That is, according to the water-type configuration rules to control submersible pumps, solenoid valves, underwater lanterns and inverters and other actuators, the visual feeling and auditory feelings into one. When people feel all kinds of sound, they will unconsciously associate these auditory feelings with the feelings of other non-auditory organs, this phenomenon is called synesthesia, belongs to a heterogeneous heterogeneous multi-together state corresponding phenomenon.

In general, the notes in the treble area are Often associated with bright visual sensations, positive or happy mood feelings, and so on, the notes in the bass area are often associated with dim visual sensations, depression, or sad mood sensations, and soothing rhythms tend to feel open spaces or calmer emotions, while rapid rhythms tend to feel narrow spaces, Emotional agitation and so on. The distribution of fountain tracks is based on the phenomenon of synesthesia to form a variety of water types, like a choreographer dance, in order to make the performance successful, the director needs to consider what kind of body movements the dancers use to express the emotional charm of music.

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