The five most beautiful music fountains in China
Dec 23, 2018

XI ' an Big Goose Pagoda music fountain. 

Xi ' an Big Goose Pagoda Music Fountain Square is located at the foot of the famous Big Goose Pagoda, east and west 480 meters wide, north and south 350 meters long.

With the world's most luxurious green contactless toilet, to maintain the cleanest, the world's most sitting stool, the world's longest light belt, the world's first direct water diversion, the largest sound combination and many other records.

Qingdao World Garden will be a musical fountain

Qingdao World Expo Music Fountain is located in Lichang District Mountain Forest Park in Tianshui Lake, creating 4 of the world's largest symphony style Waterscape performance platform, the world's largest overall waterscape floating platform, China's largest pneumatic water film array, the world's largest high-power underwater led show.

Shenzhen Sea World Music Fountain

Sea World Music Fountain Shenzhen's largest, 360-degree view of the Open music fountain, located in the Sea World Area C Waterscape Square. The water show consists of 188 groups of Super air blasting nozzles and light-fired excitation systems, with a total length of 168 meters, which can throw the water column up to 50 meters high.

Chaoyang Big Linghe Music fountain

Chaoyang Jintai Music Fountain Square is located in the Linghe new district of the big and family River intersection, the project covers a total area of 30000 square meters, the design of a total length of 160 meters, a width of 60 meters, the main spray high 80 meters, with water, fire, fog, water screen movies and other visual effects, become a beautiful local scenery.

Luoyang Nanhu Music Fountain

Luoyang Music Fountain is located in Luoyang New District Convention and Exhibition Center, is Asia's largest comprehensive music fountain. It has a number of the world's most: 369 meters of the world's longest CNC running spring, 120,000 square meters of the world's largest area of comprehensive water landscape. Luoyang Music is a fountain set sound, light, electricity, water in one of the high-tech products, music fountain variety, unparalleled audio-visual effect will become Luoyang new district, another beautiful scenery line.

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