The highest musical fountain
Dec 17, 2018

August 1, 2007 19:58, on the Tonghua Hunjiang River, 100 meters high water column gushing up, Grand view. It is understood that this is the three northeastern provinces gushing the highest music fountain, but also Tonghua Hunjiang along the river landscape belt construction project is one of the components.

At the completion ceremony of the project that night, it was not the main leaders who cut the ribbon, but the representatives of the citizens.

Northeast Highest Musical Fountain

Northeast Highest Musical Fountain According to reports, this is three northeastern provinces currently gushing the highest music fountain, a total investment of up to more than 20 million yuan. At the same time, it also serves as one of the contents of the construction project of the landscape belt along the river in Tonghua Hunjiang, and becomes a new scenic line of Tonghua. According to a person in charge of Tonghua construction project, Tonghua Hunjiang along the river landscape belt engineering consists of 3 sub-projects of Binjiang West Road Belt Park, music fountain and lighting project. Binjiang West Road Belt Park Project, a total length of 2.3 kilometers, designed with a casual fitness promenade, hydrophilic viewing platform, fitness activity area. Music Fountain Project length of 202 meters, the use of the Northeast region's first-class level of music fountain system, fountain combination height of 18 meters to 100 meters, supporting the advanced acoustic photoelectric control system, and installation of landscape lamps 3800 extended meters.

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