The origin of the fountain
Oct 17, 2018

The fountain originated early, and a fountain was built in the Babylonian Sky Garden in 6th century BC. The ancient Greek era has been gradually developed from the fountain of drinking water into a decorative spring. There is a saying that the fountain originated from the Islamic State's fasting bathing water supply method. In Islamic gardens, fountains or along axes are arranged, or as the center of local composition. Renaissance Fountain Technology has a great development, this period of the fountain and statues, columns, pools and other combination of landscape. Famous fountains such as the famous "Bai Quan Trail" in the Italian villa of Eastbourne and Lane's Fountain Aqueduct. At that time also engaged in water fun sound design. such as the famous Owl fountain, there was a group of bronze birds chirping, the owl screamed, suddenly silent, a pause for a moment, the bronze bird again noisy.

Some fountains are combined with statues and stacked waterfalls to create landscapes, such as the "water organ" in Villa Este. 17-18 century, fountain in the European city of flourished. Famous as the Sun god Fountain of the Palace of Versailles in France, the great waterfall fountain with statues in the Russian palace of Peter. Rome has more than 3,000 fountains, known as the city of Fountains. There are also some deep-meaning fountain sketches, such as the Yulian fountain in Brussels. It depicts a child who is concentrating on peeing, and the enemy will blow up the city's Treasure Museum after encroaching on Brussels, less than the burning fuse, hurry, and sprinkle a pee on the fuse; Treasure Museum saved, but the little hero died.

In recognition of his exploits, the fountain was built in 1619. By the 20th century, the fountain had developed into a large water sculpture, using a column to form various forms. Built in 1958, it uses two 1360-horsepower pumps to spray water at an altitude of 145 metres, such as the large fountain on the lake lemon of the cloud table in Geneva. At night, the giant searchlight shines on the Silver water column straight into the night sky, with spectacular views.

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