Water curtain fountain
Jan 24, 2019

The water body flows along a special line. Because the water hole is small and thin, the curtain that looks like water when flowing down constitutes a silent shimmering water curtain, and the water does not spray around, and the air becomes humid, which can be used indoors. To the role of viewing, space, and interior design, the water curtain achieves an artistic effect by artificially controlling the water flow to meet the human's hydrophilic requirements.

The water curtain fountain generally includes a bottom reservoir, a complete set of water fountain equipment (including: pump, overflow drain, water purifier, power supply unit, line spring conduction board and underwater lighting) and a water distribution tank at the top. (Including: water distribution pipes with the same number of adjustable outlets, polyester curtains are transparent, almost inelastic, with specified diameters and high tensile strength.

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