Western-style fountain introduced to China
Oct 24, 2018

In the 18th century, Western-style fountains were introduced into China. In the 1747, Emperor Qing Qianlong built the three fountains of "harmony and Wonder", "Haiyan Hall" and "Great Water Law" in the Western building of Yuanmingyuan. There are 10 bronze dogs in the central pool of the "Great Water Law", with the mouth of the rapids, pointing straight at the brass deer, known as the "Hound Deer." In the "Haiyan Hall", there is a "12 Zodiac" like the Rohan Robe, each zodiac can spray water, used to use the clock.

This is a manual manipulation of the water-carrying machinery-dragon tail car torsional water rotation rise, the formation of high water, by mechanical control, every hour (quite two hours) from the 12 zodiac spray water in turn, to midday, 12 zodiac at the same time spray water. With the development of urban modernization, China has built time-controlled fountains, color sound-controlled fountains, removable fountains and microcomputer-controlled music fountains in Beijing's double-show Park, Tiantan Park and other city squares.

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