Why Can't You Just Use One Large Power Pump to Work with Whole Fountain?
Feb 01, 2019

Some customers will ask why there are so many pumps in your solution. Can you control a whole fountain with a high-power pump?

Pump selection principle 2 can answer the question, pump selection principles  as below:

  1. According to the design requirements, the flow rate and head are basically the same as the design flow and design head of the fountain system. When the working point changes, the pump always works in the high efficiency range, and does not generate cavitation or overload the power machine.

  2.  The size and number of pumps are mutually restricted. If the power of the pump is large, the number of installations is small, and the management cost can be relatively reduced; however, the number of units cannot be too small, otherwise one pump will malfunction, which has a great impact on the whole system.

    Only when the design flow is small, you can only set one nozzle, such as a waterfall or a small garden fountain with a diameter of 2 meters or less.

  3. the same fountain system, as much as possible to install the same type of pump.

  4. The selected pump has higher average device efficiency, low energy consumption and low operating cost in long-term operation.

  5. The model and number of pumps selected make the investment of the whole system (the total cost of equipment and civil engineering and installation engineering investment) the most economical.

  6. do not use the elimination of products, choose a good performance, easy to construct, easy to operate, manage and maintain the pump.

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