Floating Water Fountain

  • Musical Dancing Water Fountain

    Musical dancing water fountain Musical Fountain is the artificial fountain applied by contemporary control technology, and it's a new kind of architectural fountain combined fountain itself with music through contemporary control technology. Music and fountain coordinates...
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  • Programmable Outdoor Floating Water Fountain

    programmable outdoor floating water fountain Our Service We can offer service like: Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Reconstruction and Maintenance. If you need purchase some fountain equipment: Just send us an inquiry. If you need do the project, we need the elements...
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  • Large Pond Pool Floating Musical Water Fountain

    large pond pool floating musical water fountain Musical Fountain Could command the performance of the water spray and lights. There are several programs could be written in and being carried out randomly. The difference between the Musical Fountains and Program Control Water...
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  • Outdoor Decoration Dancing Musical Floating Water Fountain

    Outdoor decoration dancing musical floating water fountain Floating fountain system usually applied in the lake or open water, which depth is high. Based on floating system, floating water Fountain can go up to the water surface while it works; and go deep into the water when...
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  • Floating Water Fountain with DMX512 Underwater Light

    Floating water fountain with DMX512 underwater light Floating fountain is usually installed in river, lake water area. Its whole piping system is installed on floating tanks so that equipment operation could not be affected by seasonal water level changing. It can use boat,...
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  • Floating Water Fountain Design

    Floating Water Fountain Design 20m running fountain, each nozzle are connect one electrical valve, controller electrical valve ON/OFF control water work or stop, make fountain water look running or wave shape. All fountain lights, fountain pump and fountain nozzle are use...
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