Musical Water Fountain

  • Outdoor Programmable Dance Fountain

    Outdoor programmable dance fountain The floating fountain is also called the lake fountain. The piping system of the entire water fountain is installed on the floating tank. The operation of the fountain equipment is not affected by the seasonal water level. The pontoon is...
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  • Large Pond Pool Musical Water Fountain

    large pond pool musical water fountain Our Musical Fountain is the artificial fountain applied by contemporary control technology, and it’s a new kind of architectural fountain combined fountain itself with music through contemporary control technology. Music and fountain...
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  • Garden Decoration Dancing Musical Water Fountain

    garden decoration dancing musical water fountain Musical fountain Performance could command the show of water spray and LED lights to make people feel enjoyable. Compared normal water fountains, musical fountain is applied into music control system, the fountain can be...
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  • Musical Water Fountain with DMX512 Underwater Light

    Musical Water Fountain with DMX512 Underwater Light Chinese musical water fountain with DMX512 underwater light in Lhasa, Tibet Overview: Lhasa located at Tibet, high altitude of 3,650meter, air is thin, the temperature is from 16.5 degrees Celsius below zero to 10 degrees...
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