Citation Explanation Of The Fountain
Nov 09, 2018

1. Spring water ejected from the ground by underground. "Say Skins" Volume 42 lead Song Han "Landscape pure full Set · on water": "Turbulent and Gargle said the spring, between the mountains and rocks there is Shuizawa splash and boiling person said the fountain."

2. Refers to the springs of water spray. Lu Xun's "just set and revolutionary literature": "All that comes out of the fountain is water, and all that comes out of the blood vessels is blood."

3. Refers specifically to artificial water spraying equipment used to beautify the environment. Bing Xin "Send another Small reader" four: "﹝ Rome ﹞ Street twists and turns, everywhere can also see the murmuring fountain, the spring seat are gods, people, fish, beasts statues, in the piece of light and shadow, lifelike." "Prose" 1983 issue 5th: "The fountain, like a Zhuji in the jade Plate, is inlaid in the middle of the Yin Yin lawn. The splash of water, crystal like dewdrops on the tip of the grass, mellow like a devotes of laughter vortex.

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