How Is A Large Music Fountain Designed?
Oct 06, 2018

Large-scale music fountain as a beautiful scenery, more and more appear in people's vision, enrich the city's business life culture.

So how is the big music fountain designed? First of all, we need to do a good job in the preparation of music fountain design. In the process of music fountain scheme design, there is a basic principle throughout: combined with the city's historical and cultural background, economic development status, natural climatic conditions fully show the unique artistic charm of the fountain landscape. Large-scale music fountain Public works do not exist independently, but as part of the overall landscape appears in large squares, parks, pedestrian streets, community gardens and other occasions. The design of the scheme must be based on the overall requirements of the building, focusing on local environmental factors, climatic factors, use occasions and mode factors, the overall conception, design a set of feasible implementation plan.

To design a good effect of the large music fountain need to do the preparatory work fine, there are mainly the following aspects: 

(1) The theme of the design of the large music fountain combines the local cultural characteristics. Each city has its own humanistic background and folklore characteristics, fountain program design must be combined with the characteristics of local folklore, excavate the local historical background, close to the local cultural connotation.

Combine musical fountains to form elements that highlight the theme.

(2) Understand the environmental characteristics around the fountain landscape, so that the fountain landscape and the surrounding environment into one. The music fountain is located in different locations, choose water Type, light collocation, sound configuration are different. In the pedestrian street, community garden and other occasions, try to choose the height is relatively low, water drop point controllable shape, such as jellyfish, cedar, spring, dandelion and so on. Some water interaction requirements of the project must take full account of the pressure factors of water, to prevent the danger of personal injury caused by excessive hydraulic pressure and unexpected conditions. Those built in the river and lake in the fountain landscape, because of the distance from the audience, as far as possible to choose some stout, high-water style, reflecting the power and momentum. For example, hundred meters high spray, Optimus giant column and so on.

Learn about local climatic and environmental factors.

(3) According to the overall requirements of landscape engineering, develop a practical design plan.

Different types of musical fountains correspond to different functions, such as making fountains into an embellishment of the environment of the fountain sketch or as a comprehensive music fountain performance feast, whether to use all-weather or mainly for the night, in the early days of the design of the music fountain must have a clear opinion. In general, large-scale music fountain design needs to be combined with customer needs for comprehensive consideration, Shenzhen Water group set up more than more than 20 years focused on large-scale music fountain, water curtain film and other projects, welcome users who need to call for advice.

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