Leshan‘s’ Multimedia Music Fountain Laser Show Attracted Thousands Of People, Police Dispatched To Maintain Order
Feb 06, 2019

Leshan's multi-media musical fountain laser show on water screen attracted thousands of people, and the police dispatched to maintain order.

This project have 3 parts, the video on the button shows the most mainly part, multi-media musical dancing fountain, which content 1D,2D, air explosive, flame, laser, water screen. 

After 3 monthes hard work, including earth work, tthe fountain of the Yanxi Wetland Park has finally unveiled her mysterious veil, and the citizens of Leshan City have a look at her.

In the evening, the Yuxi Wetland Musical Fountain attracted thousands of people to watch. Some citizens even drove for an hour to watch.

Due to too many people gathering, the local police station was worried about confusion or accidents, so the police were sent to maintain order.

Let's re-view past.


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