The World's 10 Most Beautiful Man-made Fountains
Sep 20, 2018

With the development of society, human demand for residence is more and more high, not only the grandeur of interior decoration, or the cultural atmosphere of artistic vision. There are also higher requirements for outdoor environments. So the artificial fountain, it becomes the first choice of embellishment. Today we look at the world as a fascinating fountain.

10, Pohang Bridge, Hanjiang River, South Korea Seoul. With a length of 1140 meters (about 3740 feet), the Banpo Bridge Fountain is the longest fountain in the world. It has 380 nozzles and pulls out 190 tons of water per minute. Banpo Bridge Fountain is also called Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, because this fountain, decorated by 220 neon lights.

When the neon lights open is like a beautiful moonlight sprinkled, unusually beautiful. 

9, the Fountain of Wealth, Singapore's new city, the fountain of Wealth located in the new city shopping centre is created with Feng shui. The base covers an area of 16,831 square meters (about 55,219 square feet) and is about 30 meters (1181 feet) high. Made of bronze and weighing about 85 tons, it is located at the top of an underground restaurant and, when the fountain opens, is like a funnel.

Meaning attract money into. 

8, Fontaine Fountain, Paris, France, the Fontaine Fountain is built on a graveyard, also known as a graveyard fountain. Designed and built by Renaissance architect Pierre Lescott. In 1788, the fountain was moved as a whole. Permanently fixed to Paris after the second move in 1858. The fountain is like a tall bell tower, carved with a lot of winged angels. When the fountain opens, the water sprays thin and high.

7, King Fahd's Fountain, the coast of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the fountain of King Fahd is also known as the Jiddah Fountain, because it is located by the sea, this fountain is the world's tallest fountain. The water spray height is higher than the Eiffel Tower. Water spouted at a speed of 233 mph and reached 1024 in the air. Due to salt water and high pressure injection, the fountain is checked and maintained every day. When the Jeddah Fountain opens, it can be seen in any corner of the city. It can be described as a spectacular view.

The Fountain of King Fahd's fountain was built by the money of the late king Fahd Ben Abdul Aziz Circle. 

6, Big Goose Pagoda Music fountain, Xi ' An, China, Big Goose Pagoda Fountain is located in Xi ' an. The length of the neon light bars that decorate the fountain is the longest in the world. It is also the largest musical fountain in Asia. That means when the fountain opens, it goes with the music. The fountain has 22 colors, and in constant variation is, like Wonderland. Because of the effect of the light, sometimes the fountain, spewing out of the water column, is like with a flame.

5, Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy. The Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque fountain. The fountain is located at the tail of the Virgo Aqueduct (built in 19 BC). The significance of building this fountain is to express the grandeur of the sea. A model of Neptune was built in the center of the fountain. On both sides of him are tritium nuclear lamps. The Trevi Fountain was built in 1762 with a height of 25.9 meters (about 83 feet) and a width of 19.8 meters (about 65 feet). There are often scenes of the Twickenham fountain in many Hollywood blockbusters, because the Trevi Fountain not only represents romance, but also a wishing pool, putting coins, carrying them in their bodies, can make a wish, and say it will happen soon.

So the bottom of the pool was covered with coins. 

4 Card Law Calabdis (Greek goddess Fountain, Sunderland, United Kingdom. The Karubides fountain is a whirlpool fountain created by water artist William. Legend has it that Karubides Deiss is the daughter of the Greek sea god and the goddess of the Earth, because Kaka Calabdis is a weapon that stole Hercules cattle. By Zeus struck her with lightning and turned her into a whirlpool of devouring ships. The Karubides Fountain is the largest whirlpool fountain. Made of transparent plastic polymers, the hollow vortex rises every 15 minutes, making the fountain look independent.

3, Angeuts Fountain, Montreal, Canada, Angeuts Fountain, created by artist Paul Rioperre in 1969, is a dynamic sculpture fountain. Surrounded by a swimming pool, a jet plane is carved in the middle of the pool, which sprays smoke and flames as it rotates and turns around the pool.

Form a flame ring, there is fire in the water, there is water in the fire, this spectacular scenery can last about half an hour each time. 

2, Castle Square Fountain, Swansea, Wales. The Castle Square fountain is only a dark red fountain sprayed with transparent ordinary water during the St David's Festival (St. Patrick's Day, Wales), usually when the castle square sprays. The fountain has nothing unique in its construction features. The only characteristic is that the water is red.

Also known as the Bloody fountain. 

1, Mercury Fountain, Barcelona, Spain. The Mercury Fountain was created by the Spanish republican government in memory of Almaden's siege. The fountain was first exhibited in Paris during the 1937 World Exposition. It later moved to Barcelona. The biggest feature of this fountain is that it does not spray water, it is mercury Mercury. Because at the time, did not know that mercury is harmful to the human body, so it is open, now, has been added to the outer edge of the fountain glass cover. Used to protect.

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