Water Supply Form Of Fountain
Dec 17, 2018

Fountain water supply forms are mainly: DC water supply, pump circulating water supply, submersible pump circulating water supply. Fountain Nozzle is the completion of the Fountain Art Modeling of the main working parts, its role is to have a certain pressure of water, through the shape of the nozzle, the formation of gorgeous flowers, sprayed over the surface of the water. A variety of different nozzle combination configuration, but also to create a variety of waterscape landscape, exciting, exciting, produce wonderful artistic effect.

There are many kinds of fountain nozzles, according to different structural forms, can be divided into direct, rotating, water film, suction, atomization and other types; According to the flower shape of the jet flow can be divided into dandelion, horn flower, petulant flower, mushroom, ice Tower, open screen and spray nozzle and other types. With the application of light, electricity, sound and automatic control device on the fountain, the appearance of music fountain, intermittent fountain, laser fountain and so on has enriched the content of the fountain, and enriched the double feeling of people in sight and hearing. China's history of the famous fountains such as Beijing Yuanmingyuan Large Water Law fountain Group, modern such as Beijing Tiananmen Gate on both sides of the fountain and the National Day Tian ' anmen square on the temporary fountain group are very magnificent, won the praise of Chinese and foreign tourists, cheers.

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