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HUAXIN Art Fountain Factory’ History

In 1998, domestic fountain project had made a figure by its advanced design and management philosophy

In 2002, the HUAXIN ART FOUNTAIN FACTORY had been established

In 2006, our research and development team have its own the exquisite craftsmanship, and has devoted themselves to the design of new types of equipment

During 2007 to 2012, our factory has participated in several foreign fountain projects under the cooperation with other foreign trade companies

In 2013, the flagship project---International Convention Centre Music Fountain in Lhasa, Tibet (high altitude, extreme climate)

Has made a challenge the limit of the fountain industry and established a benchmark

In 2017, has obtained the patents for HUAXIN software, laminar jet nozzles, one-dimension and two-dimension nozzles

In May 2017, has got the independent right to import and export

So far, we have entertained lots of customers from dozens of foreign countries

Our goal

-----being a more superior supplier in design, research and management of fountain

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